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Best Espresso Machine Under 400

Espresso is the second most popular hot beverage in America right after Coffee. If you are also an espresso junkie and crave it the moment you open your eyes in the morning then you definitely need the best espresso machine under 400. We have brought to you an in-depth buying guide and a list of top rated espresso machines. By this article, we hope to relieve you from the vicious circle of heading to Starbucks every day and meet your caffeine needs in the comfort of your bed.


Espresso is globally confused as a form of Coffee which is utterly inaccurate. Coffee and Espresso are two completely separate entities. Espresso actually results from a special type of brewing. Its distinct taste isn’t due to the presence of any special element. The trademark foam on its surface that is widely termed as crema.

The best espresso machine works by forcing pressurized boiled water in the completely mashed coffee beans. This sucks the flavor out of the coffee beans giving your beverage an organic and robust touch. Whether you are fond of espresso, enjoy latte or admire cappuccino, an espresso machine is the solution to all of your cravings.

This might come to you as a shock but most of your favorite beverages including cappuccino and latte use espresso as a base. That’s why a real espresso machine comes packing more versatility of uses than a traditional coffee maker.


The second you type Espresso machine on Google, you will be presented with thousands of options that are completely different from each other. To give you a better outlook on an espresso machine, we have given an espresso machine comparison covering each type of espresso maker.


If you are utterly picky about what your coffee should taste like then a manual Espresso machine is the right choice for you. These machines offer you full freedom and control over every little detail of your coffee. This is one of the top home espresso machines and lets you choose from several options.

This machine gives you the option of self grinding so you can achieve the precise grinding level of your desire. Other important specs include portable filter, water control and foam creating knob.


This model comes with

  • Incorporated grinder
  • Dispenser for water
  • Drink warmers
  • And full control over the size of the beverage.

This model is best for busy offices and workplaces where one doesn’t have the freedom to take its time and carefully make the espresso. You can have your espresso in a few seconds just by pressing a few buttons.


This is one of the best espresso makers and packs the best of both worlds. It has the swiftness of the fully-automatic espresso machine and the freedom of the manual one. This best consumer espresso machine will stir and put in the water itself. But you will be responsible for grinding and tamping the coffee beans.


This model offers the full automated output from beans to espresso. All you have to do is push a few buttons here and there. That’s it. This model, other than having all the features present in a fully automatic model, offers few more amazing features. Those features are

  • Single touch choosing
  • Digital interface
  • Self-cleaning


Capsules can also be considered semi-automatic. They also have key characteristics of both Automatic and manual espresso makers. The capsule is the best entry level espresso machine with one-touch espresso preparation. This best small espresso machine can’t entertain special blends but does have other programmed beverage options.

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In this simple but research-driven guide, we have separated features that the best espresso machine for the money must contain.


You don’t want to end up with an espresso machine that is too difficult to operate. Remember, you are buying a new espresso maker to relieve your stress, not the other way around.

Convenience should be your topmost priority. There are top of the line espresso machines that can deliver you even complex drinks like Cappuccino with just a touch of your finger. So always look for ease of use in any product.


An espresso maker is supposed to be like your best friend that will be by your side for many years to come. A high end espresso machine can cost you a lot. You don’t want an espresso machine that breaks down the very next day and you will have to spend more for getting it fixed or worse, for buying a new one.

If you do a little effort (or choose from the list below), you can have your hands on the most reliable espresso machine that will be with you for many years to come. Remember, a large investment the first time is far better than spending several bucks every now and then.


If you are after the best small espresso maker for your personal use or household then we will suggest you accumulate your preferences. If you love Mochas then don’t buy an espresso machine that specializes in Latte.

Your sense of taste also plays an important role. If you are a chain coffee drinker then you will have noticed a slight shift of taste from machine to machine. An ordinary person might overlook it but here we are after the perfect experience.

The reason behind that taste alteration is the internal mechanisms of an espresso machine. The number of boilers, presence of steamers or level and stability of temperature can all combine to create a taste that is specific for that product only.

That’s why it is necessary to buy a product that suits your taste bud.


The size of Espresso maker varies greatly from product to product. From the size of a single glass to accommodating a full shelf, you can have any size you want. With such an impressive and large variety, it is recommended to set your priorities straight beforehand to avoid confusion.

Look into how much space you can avail or want to avail first. After that head out to buy an espresso maker that suits your accommodations.


Warranty is always a nice thing to have. If you even have to pay a few bucks extra, it is always worth it. Even if you wholly believe in the durability of the unit, it is comforting to have a back-up plan in wake of any unfortunate event.


Everyone can easily be overwhelmed by all the options available in the market. To ease your pursuit of the best espresso machine under 400, we have created a list of the best espresso makers. We have done background checking, trial and testing on our own to share your extra burden.

1. De’Longhi EC685M Dedica Deluxe

De'Longhi EC685M Dedica Deluxe

Key Features

  • WEIGHT: 8.9 pounds
  • DIMENSIONS: 13-6.9 inches
  • BUILT: Stainless steel
  • INTERFACE: Buttons

Since Espresso is an Italian delicacy so it is only logical that an Italian company is rolling out the best espresso machine for years. The word De’Longhi has become synonymous with best espresso makers.

This product is another example of why they are literally the best in what they do. This countertop espresso machine has quickly become the talk of the town. With its sleek look and slim design, you can’t help yourself from bringing it to your kitchen.

The company has made extra efforts to keep the structure of the espresso maker as streamlined as possible. Most of the buttons are kept on the top. While the power button is present below the unit. The steam wand is also removed from the front side.

But the feature that distinguishes this product is its robust taste. This model while keeping your involvement to a minimum, still manages to grant you the freedom of choosing how much you want to boil your drink and how hard you want it to be.

It is not only best for espresso. It has a steam wand installed on its size which can be used to make foam above Cappuccino. Dedica has carefully designed every bit of this unit to provide the best result while keeping its size as slim as possible.

As for cleaning, you just have to remove the covering and everything will be taken care of by the spout.

As for cleaning, you just have to remove the covering and everything will be taken care of by the spout.

  • Attractive design.
  • Full control over settings.
  • Best-suited for Cappuccinos.
  • Can cause some problems for beginners.

2. Delonghi EC680M

Delonghi EC680M

Key Features

  • SIZE: 13-6-13
  • WEIGHT 9.2 lbs

This is the best home espresso maker and gives off the vibes of a professional barista. This unit is packing an appealing design with impressive efficiency. It comes with a 13 bars pressure to ensure that every bit of the flavor is sucked out from your coffee beans.

Another amazing feature of this machine is its control over drink flow. Whether you want a one shot or more, all you have to do is put your cup. It will automatically stop when your cup has received the desired quantity. From pressing buttons to getting your beverage, you will have to wait less than 40 seconds. This makes it perfect for offices and workplaces where time is money.

  • Durable built.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • The best compact espresso machine
  • Offers a variety of drinks i.e Cappuccino, Latte.
  • Isn’t the best combo for ground beans.

3. Nespresso Lattissima Plus

Nespresso Lattissima Plus


  • SIZE:7-13-11
  • INTERFACE: Buttons
  • BUILT: Plastic and Stainless steel WEIGHT: 12 lbs

This is one of the best multi-functional espresso machines. This machine is smartly designed to specialize in presenting every typr of drink. If you are one of those who like changing their taste or who want to buy an espresso machine for a large group with varying preferences then you are just at the right place.

With just a single push of a button, your desired beverage will come pouring out in your cup. This espresso machine is containing 19 bars of pressure which is quite astonishing considering the price range. This is simply the best espresso machine under 400.

  • High-pressure pump.
  • Low input required.
  • Fast operation.
  • Replaceable tray.
  • The presence of plastic can make it prone to injuries.

4. Nespresso Inissia

Nespresso Inissia


  • SIZE:5-7-13
  • WEIGHT: 5 lbs
  • BUILT: Plastic
  • INTERFACE: Buttons

If you want the best small espresso maker for your personal use which won’t be costing you a fortune then this is your product. This model is astonishingly cheap but still manages to include an amazing set of features.

This model has a 24 ounce tank to store water. You won’t be needing to refill water after every cup that’s for sure. Other than this, it can deliver your drink in less than 1 minute. If you are alone and on budget, then this is the best choice for you.

Another innovative feature in this product is its capability to shut down itself when not in use. Other than being an energy-saving factor, it also increases the lifespan of this Espresso maker.

Its 19-bars pressure pump is a cherry on the top. This pressure creates enough force to squeeze every last ounce of flavour out of the beans.

  • Excessive water storage.
  • Self turn off.
  • High pressure equalling 19-bars.
  • You will have to compromise on durability.

5. Calphalon BVCL CMP1 Temp iQ

Calphalon BVCL CMP1 Temp iQ


  • SIZE: 14-11-16
  • WEIGHT: 15 lbs
  • INTERFACE: Buttons
  • BUILT: Stainless steel

If you are a beginner as a barrister then this is a must have for you. This product is easy to operate, won’t be breaking your bank and gives the best result. Its longevity is also guaranteed thanks to its stainless steel built.

It also has relatively low consumption so it will be saving your money in every way possible. It can efficiently make any kind of beverage you want but for Latte, it is absolute bliss. With its magical wand, You can create the foamy texture necessary for a tasteful latte.

As if this wasn’t enough. Its extremely easy to operate interface can be an effective method to cope up with your morning lousiness. Gone are the days when you will have to push many buttons, turn many knobs and set different parameters. But with these machines, all you have to do is push a button.

  • 15 bar pressure.
  • Specialised wand for latte.
  • Easy to operate.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Heating time is little bit high.

6. KRUPS XP3208



  • SIZE: 15-13-10 inches
  • WEIGHT: 8.5 lbs
  • INTERFACE: Buttons
  • BUILT: Plastic

This is another low-budgeted product that will bewilder you with it’s sheer eminence over every other product. It is packing every quality of a high end espresso machine but still costs less than half of their price.

For starters it has a cup warmer that can keep your beverage warm if you change your mind halfway and want to enjoy espresso any other time. It also supports both single and double cup holders to give you a full fledged barrister experience.

It also has a water tank that can store upto 15 KG of water. You won’t be needing a refill anytime soon. It also has a 15 bar pressure pump so you won’t be compromising on the taste too.

  • High pressure pump.
  • Excessive water storage.
  • Cup warmer is also available.
  • Tend to be noisy.

7. Capresso 124.01

Capresso 124.01


  • SIZE: 11-12-14 inches
  • WEIGHT: 11 lbs
  • BUILT: Plastic
  • INTERFACE: Buttons

This is a cutting-edge top espresso maker that can bring you any kind of beverage you want with absolutely no compromise in terms of taste and features. It consists of a 15 bar pressure pump that can bring the rough and raw taste out of your coffee beans.

This product also consists of a warming tray so no need to rush in fear of losing the essence of your Espresso. With this espresso maker, your drink will remain in optimum condition for a long time.

There is a removable water tank that has the storage capacity of 34 ounces. It might not be very much but it is still adequate for few hours. As it was not enough, it also comes with an installed cup holder.

Other than this, it is compatible with every kind of beverage. Its frothing capabilities will surely make your Latte or Cappuccino an absolute bliss.

At this price range and with such amazing features, you will definitely have to make few sacrifices. And the sacrifice you have to make here will be longevity. Its plastic build makes it more vulnerable to damage. Its inner mechanism also tends to wear out.

  • Amazing frothing capabilities.
  • Cup warming trays.
  • Adequate water storage capacity.
  • 15 bar pressure pump for robust taste.
  • Durability and longevity are compromised.

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Espresso has become every household and workplace’s necessity. Also we tend to be very picky when it comes to such morning beverages. We want a specific drink with specific constituents brewed in a specific manner. Any error in this specificity can curse us with a lousy start in the morning and we don’t want that. To avoid such unfortunate mornings, we have put our utmost effort to help you choose the perfect Espresso while still keeping the budget to a mere minimum. We hope by now, you have a mental picture of the best espresso machine under 400 that you are going to buy.


  • Is an espresso machine worth our money?

From a pure economical view, the answer is YES. Your Espresso machine is worth every penny. Let’s consider a situation when you don’t have an espresso machine. The first thing you will have to do when you wake up in the morning is to rush out to the nearest Starbucks or any other local Coffee outlet to easen your Caffeine cramps. Even if you are a moderate drinker and consume 2 cups of Espresso a day, you will end up spending 450 dollars in just 2 months.

In other words, you will retrieve your whole investment of $400 in just 2 months after buying the best espresso machine under 400.

  • Can you brew coffee with an Espresso machine?

The simple answer is NO, you can’t. Unless you have a dual purpose machine that costs more and is a separate topic.

Coffee and Espresso are two completely opposite ends of the stick. Brewing coffee is gravity-led and a drip brewer is used for it. But in the case of an espresso, Hot boiling water

is thrushed in coffee beans at a certain pressure which gives off a completely different result.

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